Derived from the famous INSAS weapon systems of India which have been tested in large scale infantry combat, anti-terrorist and mob control situations, this weapon is called the INSAS EXCALIBUR MARK-I incorporates, in addition to the features of earlier INSAS Weapons, certain characteristics which makes it truly the ultimate sword- "THE EXCALIBUR". The reasons for calling it Excalibur are that it incorporates the features of a weapon which is rugged for battlefield engagements and at the same time capable of being light and easy to handle during low intensity conflict and CQB situations. It has ergonomically designed with folding butt and can fire 20-30 rounds magazines. It is also fitted with picaatinny rails for mounting of opto electronic devices.




Length-Butt Folded/Butt Extended


Weight without Magazine

3.81 kg.

Weight with Full Magazine

4.03 kg

Weight of Empty Magazine

0.09 kg.

Magazine Capacity

20/30 rounds

Length of Barrel

400 mm

Barrel Chamber and Bore

Chrome Plated

Rifling (No. of Grooves/Twist/Direction)

6/1 turn in 200 /RH

Sight ( Front /Rear/ Range Graduation/Radius)

Post type/aperture/200 mm & 400mm/475mm

System of Operation

Gas operated

Mode of Fire

i). Single Shot ii) Automatic

Rate of Fire ( rounds/min)

650 to 700

Effective range

400 m