The 12 Bore Pump Action Gun has been specially developed for use as a security weapon. It is a single barrel breach loading weapon superior to 12 Bore DBBL. It is provided with a tubular magazine, which holds 4 nos. of 12 Bore Cartridges and is placed parallel to and below the barrel. Extraction, loading and cocking of the cartridges take place in a single 'pump action' by operating handle, sliding along the magazine. Due to rapid reloading by pump action and spread of shots, it is an ideal weapon for counter ambush tactics.

Weapon Single Barrel Breach Loading
Calibre 12 Bore (18.578 mm to 18.628 mm)
Chamber 70 mm (2-3/4")
Length of Barrel I. Civilian use - 510 mm (20") NPB
II. Military / Police - 478 mm (18") PB
Ammunition 12 Bore 2.5" OR 12 Bore 2.75"
Magazine Capacity 4 Rounds
Weight 3.05 kgs.


  • Banks security
  • Anti insurgent applications
  • Industrial security
  • Personal security
  • Sporting Arm
  • Anti Riot role by use of Rubber Ball non-lethal ammunition